Commit ffa337f2 authored by David Fuhrmann's avatar David Fuhrmann

build: Append content to existing header and config file

This makes sure that the previously printed line ("autogenerated
content") stays.
parent 968d829b
......@@ -941,8 +941,8 @@ build_universal_static_lib() {
echo "$DEFINITIONS\n$BUILTINS" > $PROJECT_DIR/Resources/MobileVLCKit/vlc-plugins-$OSSTYLE.h
echo "VLC_PLUGINS_LDFLAGS=$LDFLAGS" > $PROJECT_DIR/Resources/MobileVLCKit/vlc-plugins-$OSSTYLE.xcconfig
echo "$DEFINITIONS\n$BUILTINS" >> $PROJECT_DIR/Resources/MobileVLCKit/vlc-plugins-$OSSTYLE.h
echo "VLC_PLUGINS_LDFLAGS=$LDFLAGS" >> $PROJECT_DIR/Resources/MobileVLCKit/vlc-plugins-$OSSTYLE.xcconfig
spopd # vlc
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