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VLCKit: added a NEWS file to list the differences to the previous major release

parent dd85bc2b
Changes VLCKit 2.0.0 and 2.1.0:
The entire framework was relicensed to LGPL as well as its underlying
playback modules. Support for transcoding and streaming as well as
DVD playback was not affected by this move and stays under GPL until
further notice.
New APIs:
- VLCStreamOutput:
- support for subtitle transcoding
- VLCMedia:
- extended media track information for bitrate, language, description, source
aspect ratio, source aspect denominator, frame rate, frame rate denominator,
and text encoding
- added (BOOL)isMediaSizeSuitableForDevice to let VLCKit determine whether the
current media is considered to be suitable for the current device or
playback is discouraged. Will always return true on OS X devices.
- VLCMediaPlayer:
- added support to enable, switch and disable video tracks
- added setter/getter for SPU and audio delays
- added setter/getter for the video scale factor
- added support for the "adjust" video filter to manipulate contrast,
brightness, hue, saturation and gamma on the fly
- new interfaces to fetch names and IDs of audio, subtitle and video tracks
Deprecated APIs:
- VLCMediaPlayer:
@property (readonly) NSUInteger fps;
- use (float)fps instead.
- (NSArray *)videoSubTitles;
- use - (NSArray *)videoSubtitleNames; instead
- (NSArray *)audioTracks;
- use - (NSArray *)audioTrackNames; instead
- (NSArray *)videoTracks;
- use - (NSArray *)videoTrackNames; instead
Modified behavior:
- use of clang instead of llvm-gcc-4.2
- updated project file for Xcode 4.3 and later
- iOS Deployment target was raised to iOS 5.1
- dropped support for the PowerPC architecture
- Mac Deployment target was raised to OS X 10.7
- different logging behavior: to see any debug messages, the framework needs
to be compiled in debug mode
MobileVLCKit features:
- added support for Opus
- slimmed binary by removing dysfunctional or irrelevant modules
- playback is paused if client app resigns active state
- playback resumes if client app is being active again
- idle state and screen sleep is prevented during playback
Removed APIs:
- VLCMediaList:
- (id)initWithArray:(NSArray *)array;
- VLCMedia:
- (void)setValue:(id)value forMeta:(NSString *)VLCMetaInformation;
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