Commit b841ad28 authored by Carola Nitz's avatar Carola Nitz

downloadTestAssets: Simplify script and remove explicit check

If the name of the repo is not vlckit or project the old script would've failed
Instead of checking for the .git file we're now checking if the Assets directory exists
parent aa98dd30
......@@ -13,16 +13,9 @@ error()
PWD=$(pwd | xargs basename);
cd "$(dirname "$0")"
if [ ${PWD} = "vlckit" ] || [ ${PWD} = "project" ] ; then
cd Tests
elif [ ${PWD} != "Tests" ]; then
error "Running program from unknown directory. Please move to project's root directory; vlckit"
exit 1
if [ -d ${ASSET_DIR}/.git ]; then
if [ -e ${ASSET_DIR} ]; then
git reset --hard
git pull origin master
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