Commit 6a993c5a authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne

VLCMediaPlayer: add documentation for playback rate, video size, hasVideoOut and frames per second

parent efb4a9bb
......@@ -204,13 +204,36 @@ extern NSString * VLCMediaPlayerStateToString(VLCMediaPlayerState state);
@property float gamma;
* Get the requested movie play rate.
* @warning Depending on the underlying media, the requested rate may be
* different from the real playback rate. Due to limitations of some protocols
* this option may not be taken into account at all, if set.
* \param rate movie play rate to set
* \return movie play rate
@property float rate;
@property (readonly) VLCAudio * audio;
/* Video Information */
* Get the current video size
* \return video size as CGSize
- (CGSize)videoSize;
* Does the current media have a video output?
* \note a false return value doesn't mean that the video doesn't have any video
* \note tracks. Those might just be disabled.
* \return current video output status
- (BOOL)hasVideoOut;
* Frames per second
* \return current media's frames per second value
- (float)framesPerSecond;
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