Commit 4ccbf447 authored by Soomin Lee's avatar Soomin Lee

NEWS: Update for 3.3.4 release

parent c5cb5edd
Version 3.3.4:
- Fix SMB 2 possible null-deref when stopping a session
- vout: fix low framerate stuttering
- transcode: video: patch missing chroma in decoder format ouput
- access: dvdread: fix null dereference on vts failure
- demux:
- mp4: fix potential endless loop
- avi: simplify strf handling
- mkv: remove elements from vector when we delete them
- mkv: fix vector erase in destructor
- mkv: do not use the file if there's no usable stream/segment
- faad: Fix read buffer overflow
- ogg: Fix potential integer overflow
- chromecast: transcode audio to MP3 320 kbps instead of 96 kbps
- Bump libelml requirement to 1.3.6
- Bump dav1d to 0.4.0
- Bump libmodplug to
Version 3.3.3:
- Fix airplay AV sync
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