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VLCKit 4.0.0a1

This is a very first alpha build, notably to test the changes we have within the VLC-iOS context and to update VLCMediaLibraryKit.

It includes the following changes that will further expand as we approach VLC 4.0 in its final release:
- Remove support for ARMv7s, use the regular ARMv7 slice instead
- Removed all API deprecated in version 3
- Rename buildMobileVLCKit to compileAndBuildVLCKit
- using libvlc HEAD leading to v4
- unified Xcode project for all 3 flavors of the framework
- new metadata API
- new track management and selection API
- support for two subtitles tracks at the same time
- new clock, time and position management with much greater precision
    - this allows subsecond seek intervals
- removed support to compile VLCKit as a static framework
- disabled bitcode support by default for tvOS
- improved nullability annotations
- improved debug logging API
- rewritten event management
- fully exposed libvlc C API
- Use NSDateComponents API for VLCTime.verboseStringValue