Commit dd85bc2b authored by Gleb Pinigin's avatar Gleb Pinigin Committed by Felix Paul Kühne

VLCKit: disable idle timer if player is playing media

Signed-off-by: Felix Paul Kühne's avatarFelix Paul Kühne <>
parent c8834fd4
......@@ -1046,6 +1046,12 @@ static const VLCMediaPlayerState libvlc_to_local_state[] =
[self willChangeValueForKey:@"state"];
cachedState = [newState intValue];
// Disable idle timer if player is playing media
// Exclusion can be made for audio only media
[UIApplication sharedApplication].idleTimerDisabled = [self isPlaying];
[self didChangeValueForKey:@"state"];
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