Commit 3e838457 authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem

build: fix build env

parent ebe6b709
......@@ -619,15 +619,15 @@ buildMobileKit() {
export BUILDFORIOS="yes"
export AR="xcrun ar"
export RANLIB="xcrun ranlib"
export CC="xcrun clang"
export OBJC="xcrun clang"
export CXX="xcrun clang++"
export LD="xcrun ld"
export STRIP="xcrun strip"
export CPP="xcrun cc -E"
export CXXCPP="xcrun c++ -E"
export AR=`xcrun -f ar`
export RANLIB=`xcrun -f ranlib`
export CC=`xcrun -f clang`
export OBJC=`xcrun -f clang`
export CXX=`xcrun -f clang++`
export LD=`xcrun -f ld`
export STRIP=`xcrun -f strip`
export CPPFLAGS=-E
unset AS
unset CCAS
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