Commit 9f4cc798 authored by Martin Finkel's avatar Martin Finkel

Core: Add runtime check in Core.Initialize to check for libvlc/libvlcsharp version mismatch

- Use only Version in csproj
- Closes #152

(cherry picked from commit 2cae5c1f2a2f1051a2f5214432bc90a4521193ad)
parent 64c5b48f
......@@ -26,4 +26,7 @@
<PropertyGroup Condition="$(TargetFramework.StartsWith('uap'))">
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(TargetFramework)' == 'uap10.0'">
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -21,12 +21,12 @@
<TargetFrameworks Condition="!$([MSBuild]::IsOsPlatform('Linux'))">$(TargetFrameworks);MonoAndroid81;Xamarin.iOS10;Xamarin.Mac20;Xamarin.TVOS10</TargetFrameworks>
<TargetFrameworks Condition="$([MSBuild]::IsOsPlatform('Windows'))">$(TargetFrameworks);uap10.0</TargetFrameworks>
<TargetFrameworks Condition="$([MSBuild]::IsOsPlatform('Windows'))">$(TargetFrameworks);uap10.0;uap10.0.16299</TargetFrameworks>
using System;
using LibVLCSharp.Shared.Helpers;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.IO;
......@@ -37,6 +38,9 @@ namespace LibVLCSharp.Shared
[DllImport(Constants.LibraryName, EntryPoint = "JNI_OnLoad")]
internal static extern int JniOnLoad(IntPtr javaVm, IntPtr reserved = default(IntPtr));
[DllImport(Constants.LibraryName, CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl,
EntryPoint = "libvlc_get_version")]
internal static extern IntPtr LibVLCVersion();
......@@ -50,6 +54,8 @@ namespace LibVLCSharp.Shared
/// Load the native libvlc library (if necessary, depending on platform)
/// <para/> Ensure that you installed the VideoLAN.LibVLC.[YourPlatform] package in your target project
/// <para/> This will throw a <see cref="VLCException"/> if the native libvlc libraries cannot be found or loaded.
/// <para/> It may also throw a <see cref="VLCException"/> if the LibVLC and LibVLCSharp major versions do not match.
/// See for more info about the versioning strategy.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="libvlcDirectoryPath">The path to the directory that contains libvlc and libvlccore
/// No need to specify unless running netstandard 1.1, or using custom location for libvlc
......@@ -63,9 +69,26 @@ namespace LibVLCSharp.Shared
#if !UWP10_0 && !NETSTANDARD1_1
#if !UWP10_0 && !NETSTANDARD1_1
/// <summary>
/// Checks whether the major version of LibVLC and LibVLCSharp match <para/>
/// Throws an NotSupportedException if the major versions mismatch
/// </summary>
static void EnsureVersionsMatch()
var libvlcMajorVersion = int.Parse(Native.LibVLCVersion().FromUtf8().Split('.').First());
var libvlcsharpMajorVersion = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().Version.Major;
if(libvlcMajorVersion != libvlcsharpMajorVersion)
throw new VLCException($"Version mismatch between LibVLC {libvlcMajorVersion} and LibVLCSharp {libvlcsharpMajorVersion}. " +
$"They must share the same major version number");
static void InitializeAndroid()
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