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docs: add "single libvlc instance" to best practices section

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......@@ -4,6 +4,11 @@ This page will detail a set of best practices when using LibVLC/LibVLCSharp
## Only create **one** LibVLC instance at all times
It is recommended by VLC core developers to only create a single instance of type `LibVLC` during your application's lifecycle.
You may create as many `MediaPlayer` objects as you want from a single `LibVLC` object.
## Dispose of libvlc objects when done
Since LibVLCSharp is a binding over native libvlc, LibVLCSharp types implement `IDisposable` which means the GC does not handle the disposal of these types, you do. Always call `Dispose()` on LibVLCSharp types when you're done using them (or use `using`).
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