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......@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ Here we list several interesting projects made by the community using LibVLCShar
## Samples
For more advanced samples, have a look at [libvlcsharp-samples]( It currently includes:
For more advanced samples, have a look at [libvlcsharp-samples]( with apps such as:
- [Chromecast sample]( Discover chromecasts on your local network and select one for playback in 100% shared code (Xamarin.Forms, iOS/Android).
- [Record HLS sample]( Simple .NET Core CLI app which shows how to record an HLS stream to the filesystem.
......@@ -223,6 +223,7 @@ For more advanced samples, have a look at [libvlcsharp-samples](https://code.vid
- [LocalNetwork sample]( Cross-platform local network browsing and playback with network shares (SMB, UPnP) on Android, iOS and WPF.
- [MediaPlayerElement sample]( Minimal iOS/Android sample showing how to get started with the crossplatform MediaPlayerElement control from LibVLCSharp.Forms.
- [SkiaSharp Preview Thumbnailer sample]( .NET Core sample app showing how to use LibVLC 3 video callbacks and encode the frame with SkiaSharp before saving it to disk.
- [lvst]( Watch a movie while it is downloading! lvst is a .NET Core CLI app using MonoTorrent and LibVLCSharp for macOS, Linux and Windows.
Feel free to suggest and contribute new samples.
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