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README: Explicit commercial services and dual licensing

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......@@ -288,12 +288,14 @@ We regularly monitor the `libvlcsharp` tag on [![stackoverflow](https://img.shie
If you have any question or if you're not sure it's actually an issue, please visit our [forum](
### Commercial support
If you would like VLC developers to provide you with
- customization on LibVLC and/or LibVLCSharp,
- training,
- priority support,
### Commercial services
If you would like VLC developers to provide you with:
- custom development on LibVLC and/or LibVLCSharp,
- training and workshops,
- commercial licenses,
- support services,
- consulting services,
- other multimedia services.
Feel free to [contact us](
......@@ -304,7 +306,7 @@ Please read and follow the [VideoLAN CoC](
## License
LibVLCSharp is under the [LGPLv2.1](
LibVLCSharp is released under the [LGPLv2.1]( and is also available under a [commercial license](
Note: the .NET4.0 LibVLCSharp build references a nuget package that may indicate its license as the .NET Library license but it's actually [opensource]( under MIT.
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