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......@@ -4,20 +4,45 @@ This project is a port of VLC to run completely in the web-browser.
It is, of course, quite insane, but it will be doable in the future, as WASM improves.
It started with an asm.js port, now that WASM is ready with :
The goal is to be able to have a full player and framework inside the browser
to be able to customize it as you wish, and support more formats, instead of hacking
around the browser video support and MSE integration.
We could have support MKV, DVD menus, chapters, 4:2:2, 10bits, custom audio and video filters,
or support for MPEG-2, Karaoke, SSA subtitles, interlaced video, or custom demuxers and decoders.
We could support both software and hardware decoding...
## History
It started with an asm.js port, from the Firefox OS days, to have a PoC.
But now that WASM is ready with :
- threads
- WASM (and not only asm.js)
- SIMD.js/wasm
- Full webgl support
- Audio support in threads
we are getting closer to a first version.
we are getting closer to a usable version.
After, when we have modules, then VLC modules could be downloaded at runtime.
## Missing evolutions from webbrowsers
In fact, we would need, in addition to what we have:
1. Webcodecs to have both software and hardware decoders,
2. Modules loading, to have a lean VLC installation that loads at runtime what it needs,
3. Sockets access for custom protocols,
Nice to have would be:
4. Better audio API, like [Audio Device Client](
5. More APIs without calling to main thread, like logs...
On the toolchain side, we need to find a way to recycle our existing .S asm files.
## Installation
### Update the config.sub in your system.
### Autotools: Update the config.sub in your system.
cp config.sub /usr/share/automake-1.15/config.sub
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