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Update, for installation instructions and how to run

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......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ Notably when we have:
- WASM (and not only asm.js)
- SIMD.js/wasm
- Full webgl support
- Audio support in threads
we will be able to have a first version.
......@@ -16,14 +17,54 @@ After, when we have modules, then VLC modules could be downloaded at runtime.
## Installation
Update the config.sub in your system.
### Update the config.sub in your system.
cp config.sub /usr/share/automake-1.15/config.sub
Compile vlc.
Before compiling vlc, you must copy the video Dolby_Canyon.vob in the root of this project.
### Compile vlc.
All files (javascript and html) are in the folder build-emscripten. You can see localy vlc by
lanch a webserver on your computer.
source emsdk-portable/
cd vlc/build-emscripten
emrun --no_browser --port 8080 experimental.html --emrun
And seeing the result in firefox at url : http://localhost:8080/experimental.html
You can also put the generated files on a server and access to it normaly.
## Run
Currently only Firefox is able to run vlc.js, but you need to enable some features in Firefox first.
Type about:config in the Location Bar and press Enter to see all Preferences.
Features to enable :
* Set 'javascript.options.shared_memory' to true
* Set 'gfx.offscreencanvas.enabled' to true
Then, you should be able to see vlc.js
## Hack
To can compile vlc.js, we need to apply patches on the main VLC.
Emscripten being in devlopment, some patches need to applied too to fix issues and missing features.
All the patches are grouped in 2 folders:
* patch_vlc: vlc patches
* patch_emscripten : emscripten patches
The script sets up the toolchain, clones vlc, compiles it, generates the module_list and compiles all into a html + js pages.
To generate the module_list it calls a subscript which will generate a C file with all modules and entry points, because that is required for a static build of VLC.
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