Commit 10b30e92 authored by mehdi's avatar mehdi
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remove deprecated clang instruction (+ffmpeg)

parent 121b7578
......@@ -69,8 +69,8 @@ export PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR=$PWD/vlc/contrib/wasm32_unknowm_emscripten/lib/pkgconfi
# Check that clang is working
clang --version
emcc -v
diagnostic "Patching"
cd vlc
......@@ -188,8 +188,7 @@ url="
# copy Dolby_Canyon.vob
diagnostic "getting video"
cd vlc/build-emscripten/
curl ${url} -o BigBuckBunny1.mp4
ffmpeg -t 10 -i BigBuckBunny1.mp4 -c copy BigBuckBunny.mp4
curl ${url} -o BigBuckBunny.mp4
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