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VLCKit 3.3.18b12
- Updated to libvlc
- Add VLCFilter API to interact with the adjust video filter directly
- Fix a crash when discovering servers on the local network
- Fix module compatibility with Xcode 13 on macOS 12
- Fix UPnP lookup if there more than one interface on iOS/tvOS
- Fix debug symbols for iOS and tvOS show the full libvlc
- Fix libvlc header distribution
- Fix Bonjour discovery of SMB shares
- Fix umbrella headers to not warn about the libvlc C API
- Fix macOS umbrella header to include the renderer discoverer API
- Fix SAT>IP support by updating libvlc
- Fix UPnP browsing regression from previous beta (vlc-ios#1239)
- Fix notorious heating issue caused by fallback from VideoToolbox to software decoding (vlc-ios#1240)
- Fix artwork parsing failure in ogg media (vlc-ios#953)
- Revert libdsm update from previous beta to solve browsing SMBv1 shares provided by Windows XP devices
- Start do add nullability declarations with more to come in the future