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    • Antoine Cellerier's avatar
      Setup lua module search path · 3d693f8b
      Antoine Cellerier authored
      For example, if runing script <user dir>/lua/intf/script.lua, the following paths will be added:
        <user dir>/lua/modules/?.lua
        <user dir>/lua/intf/modules/?.lua
        <share dir>/lua/modules/?.lua
        <share dir>/lua/intf/modules/?.lua
      If runing script <share dir>/lua/intf/script.lua, the following paths will be added:
        <share dir>/lua/modules/?.lua
        <share dir>/lua/intf/modules/?.lua
    • Antoine Cellerier's avatar
      When scanning multiple lua scripts, create a new lua_State for each script.... · 5942b165
      Antoine Cellerier authored
      When scanning multiple lua scripts, create a new lua_State for each script. This will prevent data corruption from a previous script affecting subsequent scripts.
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    • Pierre's avatar
      Allow lua "meta reader" and implement a meta reader from filename. · 555cb288
      Pierre authored
        will check if the file name respects the following form:
          "Show.Name S19E01-jde.DEf.avi"
        upon success, it will fill the show name, the episode number and
        season number in the meta data.
        It will also set the title to "Show Name S19E01"
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    • Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar
      LUA intf: fix lock_and_wait, and stop using vlc_object_wait() · b935abee
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      The only event that lock_and_wait can only wait for the end of the
      interface event (safely). That is the only piece of state which is read
      under the lock.
      Also it is not possible to wait on a random object since (deprecated)
      vlc_object_signal() is _not_ broadcasting the object condition variable.
      In effect, VLC threads shall only wait on their own object (this is not
      Ultimately, lock_and_wait is of barely any use, and in any case is now
      poorly named (my fault for inventing vlc_object_lock_and_wait()). By the
      way, it always returns true now.
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    • Rafaël Carré's avatar
      meta-data handling cleanup · 7bc28eeb
      Rafaël Carré authored
      Remove VLC_META_ENGINE_*
      Don't use VLC_META_INFO_CAT
      Avoid using input_Item{Add,Get}Info
      Remove disabled code in cdda
      Remove "meta fetcher":
          There was only 1 module (not) implementing it (musicbrainz)
          Reduces complexity in playlist core
      Use a more consistent naming
      Factorize QT4 sorting and column display code
      Remove unused members
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    • Antoine Cellerier's avatar
      Port the http interface to the Lua Interface Module framework. · e10d4311
      Antoine Cellerier authored
       * share/luaintf/http.lua: Equivalent of the legacy modules/control/http/
         module. (The new module takes 272 lines of Lua, instead of 5475 lines for
         the old one.) Functionality is basically the same except for CGI support
         which is missing.
       * share/http-lua/: The HTML files using the new <?vlc [lua code] ?> syntax.
       * modules/misc/lua/: Add Lua bindings for a few VLC function, the most
         important being the HTTPd high level functions, ACLs, stat and opendir.
      The Lua code still needs to be cleaned up a bit.
  33. 05 Nov, 2007 1 commit
    • Antoine Cellerier's avatar
      * modules/misc/lua: · d5107810
      Antoine Cellerier authored
         * Add vlc.license()
         * vlc.vlm.execute_command() now returns the VLC error code and the corresponding error message as 2nd and 3rd return values.
       * share/luaintf: add help and module description related stuff to the telnet and rc modules.
  34. 04 Nov, 2007 1 commit
    • Antoine Cellerier's avatar
      Add a new type of VLC Lua module: Interfaces. · de31813f
      Antoine Cellerier authored
      Two things led me to add this new type of Lua modules:
       * Most interfaces duplicate code from one another (rc and telnet both deal
         with sockets, rc and hotkeys duplicate VLC interfacing code)
       * It's easier to code in Lua than in C (for high level stuff)
      (* Users can code their own module easily, all they need is a text editor.)
      Most of the changes in modules/misc/ are Lua wrappers for different C APIs
      in VLC. I'd say that 90% of those wrappers won't change, the other 10% might
       need small changes (mostly to simplify the C code).
      The VLC Lua "interface" module will look for lua scripts in the
      *share*/luaintf/ directory. Files in *share*/luaintf/modules/ are lua modules
      which can be used by multiple VLC Lua modules (using require "modulename").
      This commit includes 4 Lua interface modules:
       * dummy.lua: the default module. Prints error messages and quits.
       * rc.lua: equivalent to the legacy rc.c module. Also includes a bunch of
         new features (+ multiple socket connections at a time work!). See file for
         more details.
       * telnet.lua: equivalent to the legacy telnet.c module. See file for more
       * hotkeys.lua: a rewrite of the hotkey handling module. This module is still
         experimental. I'll need to change VLC core hotkeys stuff to make it work
         like I want (ie: 1 hotkey triggers 1 action instead of the current 1 action
         can have 1 hotkey). This version executes 3 dummy actions when keys 'q',
         'w' or 'x' are pressed.
      What's left to do:
       * Port the http interface plugin to this framework (at least for the
         macros/rpn part ... using <?vlc some lua code ?> à la PHP would be way
         easier than what we currently have).
       * Finish work on the hotkeys module.
       * Code a real telnet/rc module with autocompletion and all the cool features
         usually found in a telnet/terminal interface.
       * Trash the legacy C modules.
      Stuff to test (which I can't test myself):
       * Win32 and Mac OS X specific changes to Makefile.am
       * Console interface under Win32. I expect it not to work.
      Other stuff included in this changeset are:
       * Code cleanup (I'm sure that it's still possible to simplify some of the old lua bindings code).
       * That's pretty much it in fact :/