Commit 88589748 authored by Steve Lhomme's avatar Steve Lhomme

video output: use locally cleaned video format to get the display configuration

parent 30e5a1bd
......@@ -629,10 +629,10 @@ void vout_ChangeViewpoint(vout_thread_t *vout,
/* */
static void VoutGetDisplayCfg(vout_thread_t *vout, vout_display_cfg_t *cfg)
static void VoutGetDisplayCfg(vout_thread_t *vout, const video_format_t *fmt, vout_display_cfg_t *cfg)
/* Load configuration */
cfg->viewpoint = vout->p->original.pose;
cfg->viewpoint = fmt->pose;
const int display_width = var_GetInteger(vout, "width");
const int display_height = var_GetInteger(vout, "height");
......@@ -1912,7 +1912,7 @@ int vout_Request(const vout_configuration_t *cfg, input_thread_t *input)
VoutGetDisplayCfg(vout, &sys->display_cfg);
VoutGetDisplayCfg(vout, &original, &sys->display_cfg);
vout_SizeWindow(vout, &wcfg.width, &wcfg.height);
if (vout_window_Enable(sys->display_cfg.window, &wcfg)) {
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