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  10. 10 Feb, 2011 1 commit
    • Jean-Paul Saman's avatar
      libdvbpsi: API changes · a39ac177
      Jean-Paul Saman authored
      - Add pointer to dvbpsi_t * to dvbpsi_BuildPSISection()
      - Make dvbpsi_ValidTOTSection() return a boolean
      - Make dvbpsi_ValidPSISection() return a boolean
  11. 02 Feb, 2011 1 commit
    • Jean-Paul Saman's avatar
      src/tables/*: Privatize dvbpsi_decoder_t in dvbpsi_t · 19a31474
      Jean-Paul Saman authored
      All dvbpsi decoders now use dvbpsi_t as handle instead of
      dvbpsi_decoder_t *. The pointer to dvbpsi_decoder_t is privatized
      and accessible through (dvbpsi_t *)->p_private member. The user
      must make sure to cast it to the correct dvbpsi_*_decoder_t type
      before accessing structure members.
      Dvbpsi decoder developers should use the define DVBPSI_DECODER_COMMON
      at the start of a new dvbpsi_*_decoder_t.
      - most public APIs requires a pointer to existing dvbpsi_t
      - new functions to obtain and delete a pointer to dvbpsi_t structure:
        dvbpsi_NewHandle() and dvbpsi_DeleteHandle()
      - subtable descriptors fixes
      - indentations
  12. 14 Jan, 2011 1 commit
    • Jean-Paul Saman's avatar
      unify error, debug and warning messages · 1f223e37
      Jean-Paul Saman authored
      Libdvbpsi used printf and fprintf to return debug and error information to the caller.
      This bypasses any logging mechanism the calling application uses and does not take
      multi-threaded applications into account.
      The unifying of messages (error, debug or warning) allows a calling application to
      filter (message level: -1, 0, 1 or 2) and handle the messages in its own way.
  13. 03 Jan, 2011 1 commit
    • Jean-Paul Saman's avatar
      Relicense libdvbpsi library under LGPLv2.1 · 50182a60
      Jean-Paul Saman authored
      All original authors and contributors have been contacted and asked the
      question: "Do you agree with relicensing libdvbpsi under the LGPLv2.1 ?".
      All original authors contributors and responded positively to this request
      as summurized in this commit log:
        Authors and committers                        GPLv2 -> LGPLv2.1 License change
        Arnaud de Bossoreille de Ribou <bozo@via.ecp.fr>                 Yes
        Johan Bilien <jobi@via.ecp.fr>                                   Yes
        Johann Hanne <jhml@gmx.net>                                      Yes
        Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew@member.fsf.org>                   Yes
        Tristan Leteurtre <tristan.leteurtre@anevia.com>                 Yes
        Damien Lucas <damien.lucas@anevia.com>                           Yes
        Viktor Luzin <vl@msp.ru>                                         Yes
        Christophe Massiot <massiot@via.ecp.fr>                          Yes
        Jiri Pinkava <jiri.pinkava@vscht.cz>                             Yes
        Jean-Paul Saman <jpsaman@videolan.org>                           Yes
        Gildas Bazin <gbazin@videolan.org>                               Yes
        Derk-Jan Hartman <thedj@videolan.org>                            Yes
        Sam Hocevar <sam@videolan.org>                                   Yes
        Sigmund Augdal <dnumgis@videolan.org>                            Yes
        Laurent Aimar <fenrir@videolan.org>                              Yes
  14. 24 Apr, 2008 1 commit
    • Johann Hanne's avatar
      NIT, TOT and TDT support by Johann Hanne: · 3fec84e1
      Johann Hanne authored
      Support for the TOT table added. As the TDT table is nearly the same (it's a TOT without descriptors and CRC), it can also be used to create a TDT. As the TOT includes a CRC32 in it's payload, the patch also moves the CRC table to dvbpsi.c, so it can be access from tot.c.
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