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INSTALL file for "libdvbpsi".
* Developers
* Configuring "libdvbpsi"
* Building "libdvbpsi"
* Installing and using "libdvbpsi"
* Building documentation
* Building packages
Before starting to enhance libdvbpsi as you downloaded it from the git repository
at make sure you have autotools (autoconf, automake, m4, libtool)
Clone the repository:
git clone git://
In contrast to other autotools enabled programs libdvbpsi uses a script named
'bootstrap' to generate the configure script. Others use a program ''
for that. For libdvbpsi you need to run:
Run the configure script for development:
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-debug --disable-release
Now you can start enhancing libdvbpsi.
Configuring "libdvbpsi"
......@@ -26,7 +55,6 @@ Building "libdvbpsi"
Once configured, run 'make' to build the library and the programs
located in the 'examples' and 'misc' directories.
Installing and using "libdvbpsi"
......@@ -54,5 +82,10 @@ doxygen tool ( and the graphviz tool
Building packages
Further writing.
Once configure, run 'make dist', this will generate a libdvbpsi-${VERSION}.tar.gz
and libdvbpsi-${VERSION}.tar.bz2. If you intend to build a package for RPM based
linux distributions, then you can run 'rpmbuild -ta libdvbpsi-${VERSION}.tar.gz'
or 'rpmbuild -ta libdvbpsi-${VERSION}.tar.bz2'.
For distributions that use another package management system look at their documentation
on howto create a installable package for it.
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