Commit 11a2e7ec authored by Francois Cartegnie's avatar Francois Cartegnie Committed by Jean-Paul Saman

dvbpsi_CheckPSISection: private tables are not error

Private tables on PMT are common (ATSC) and should
not trigger an error.
Signed-off-by: Jean-Paul Saman's avatarJean-Paul Saman <>
parent 51f5d3db
......@@ -199,8 +199,8 @@ bool dvbpsi_CheckPSISection(dvbpsi_t *p_dvbpsi, dvbpsi_psi_section_t *p_section,
if (p_section->i_table_id != table_id)
/* Invalid table_id value */
dvbpsi_error(p_dvbpsi, psz_table_name,
"invalid section (table_id == 0x%02x expected 0x%02x)",
dvbpsi_debug(p_dvbpsi, psz_table_name,
"ignoring section (table_id == 0x%02x expected 0x%02x)",
p_section->i_table_id, table_id);
return false;
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