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      src/dvbpsi.c: dvbpsi_decoder_psi_sections_completed: detect gaps in multi section psi tables · 6d7d5422
      Jean-Paul Saman authored
      The function dvbpsi_decoder_psi_sections_completed() is meant to detect if all
      sections of a multi section psi table have arrived. After the rewrite in
      commit-id 57c6cd63 it ignored gaps in the arrived sections. This means that
      the function now expects that individual sections of multi section psi tables
      arrive in order. However the ISO/IEC 13818-1 standard explains in Annex C, C 2ii
      that it is allowed to transmit sections out of order.
       "The section_number field allows the sections of a particular table to be reassembled
        in their original order by the decoder. There is no obligation within this Recommendation
        | International Standard that sections must be transmitted in numerical order, but this
        is recommended, unless it is desired to transmit some sections of the table more frequently
        than others, e.g. due to random access considerations."
      The p_decoder->p_sections linked list is sequentially ordered and is now changed to detect
      a gap in the ordering. This is possible because the first section in a multi-section psi table
      is numbered 0.
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      Doxygen updates · b5ed56e4
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      Fixes in documentation for:
       src/descriptors/dr_4b.h   document dvbpsi_nvod_ref_s
       src/descriptors/dr_76.h   document CRID_* defines
       src/tables/atsc_eit.h     document all arguments of dvbpsi_atsc_NewEIT()
       src/tables/atsc_ett.h     document all arguments of dvbpsi_atsc_NewETT()
       src/tables/atsc_stt.h     document missing arguments of dvbpsi_atsc_DetachSTT()
       src/tables/atsc_vct.h     document fix for functions dvbpsi_atsc_InitVCT() and dvbpsi_atsc_NewVCT()
       src/tables/bat.h          document arguments of dvbpsi_bat_ts_add()
       src/table/eit.h           document arguments of dvbpsi_eit_init()
       src/tables/sdt.h          remove unused argument from function dvbpsi_sdt_init()
       src/tables/tot.h          remove unused argument from function dvbpsi_tot_init()
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      Doxygen updates. · e3451586
      Jean-Paul Saman authored
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