Commit efa50840 authored by Jean-Paul Saman's avatar Jean-Paul Saman

examples/dvbinfo: clean output

parent 8d3d27eb
......@@ -960,7 +960,7 @@ static void DumpSmoothingBufferDescriptor(const void *p_descriptor)
const dvbpsi_smoothing_buffer_dr_t *smoothing_descriptor = p_descriptor;
printf("Leak rate: %d \n", smoothing_descriptor->i_sb_leak_rate);
printf("Size: %d \n", smoothing_descriptor->i_sb_size);
printf("\t\tSize: %d \n", smoothing_descriptor->i_sb_size);
......@@ -979,8 +979,8 @@ static void DumpIBPDescriptor(const void *p_descriptor)
const dvbpsi_ibp_dr_t *ibp_descriptor = p_descriptor;
printf("Closed GOP flag: %d \n", ibp_descriptor->b_closed_gop_flag);
printf("Identical GOP flag: %d \n", ibp_descriptor->b_identical_gop_flag);
printf("Max GOP length: %" PRIu16 " \n", ibp_descriptor->i_max_gop_length);
printf("\t\tIdentical GOP flag: %d \n", ibp_descriptor->b_identical_gop_flag);
printf("\t\tMax GOP length: %" PRIu16 " \n", ibp_descriptor->i_max_gop_length);
static const char* MPEG4VideoProfileToString(dvbpsi_mpeg4_visual_profile_and_level_t profile)
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