Commit b0809bed authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem

es_out: setup the output clock for low-delay

parent b194c887
......@@ -1355,6 +1355,12 @@ static es_out_pgrm_t *EsOutProgramAdd( es_out_t *out, int i_group )
input_clock_SetJitter( p_pgrm->p_input_clock, pts_delay, p_sys->i_cr_average );
vlc_clock_main_SetInputDejitter( p_pgrm->p_main_clock, pts_delay );
/* In case of low delay: don't use any output dejitter. This may result on
* some audio/video glitches when starting, but low-delay is more important
* than the visual quality if the user chose this option. */
if (input_priv(p_input)->b_low_delay)
vlc_clock_main_SetDejitter(p_pgrm->p_main_clock, 0);
/* Append it */
vlc_list_append(&p_pgrm->node, &p_sys->programs);
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