Commit 587c8f85 authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem

player: refactor track research from id

parent 713f6e51
......@@ -1259,6 +1259,15 @@ vlc_player_track_vector_FindById(vlc_player_track_vector *vec, vlc_es_id_t *id,
return NULL;
static struct vlc_player_track_priv *
vlc_player_input_FindTrackById(struct vlc_player_input *input, vlc_es_id_t *id,
size_t *idx)
vlc_player_track_vector *vec =
vlc_player_input_GetTrackVector(input, vlc_es_id_GetCat(id));
return vec ? vlc_player_track_vector_FindById(vec, id, idx) : NULL;
vlc_player_GetTrackCount(vlc_player_t *player, enum es_format_category_e cat)
......@@ -1898,10 +1907,8 @@ vlc_player_input_HandleVoutEvent(struct vlc_player_input *input,
vlc_player_t *player = input->player;
vlc_player_track_vector *vec =
vlc_player_input_GetTrackVector(input, vlc_es_id_GetCat(ev->id));
struct vlc_player_track_priv *trackpriv =
vec ? vlc_player_track_vector_FindById(vec, ev->id, NULL) : NULL;
vlc_player_input_FindTrackById(input, ev->id, NULL);
if (!trackpriv)
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