Commit d2a6d3f2 authored by Alexandre Janniaux's avatar Alexandre Janniaux
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opengl: interop: remove i_chroma assignation

It should already be done by opengl_interop_init in case of success.
parent 82b6190e
......@@ -330,8 +330,6 @@ opengl_interop_generic_init(struct vlc_gl_interop *interop, bool allow_dr)
ret = opengl_interop_init(interop, GL_TEXTURE_2D, *list, space);
if (ret == VLC_SUCCESS)
interop->fmt_out.i_chroma = *list;
if (interop->fmt_out.i_chroma == VLC_CODEC_RGB32)
#if defined(WORDS_BIGENDIAN)
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