Commit bedc4562 authored by Steve Lhomme's avatar Steve Lhomme
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display: don't force a 0 SAR anymore on the display preferred format

In some cases the display modules may rotate the video format, resulting in
inverted and non matching SAR. But in that case the width/height will also be
rotated and thus not matching either.

Also the comparision between the input and preferred format of the display
module explicitly zero the SAR for comparison (although it may hide some needed
parent 04e77949
......@@ -298,8 +298,6 @@ static int vout_display_start(void *func, bool forced, va_list ap)
/* Picture buffer does not have the concept of aspect ratio */
video_format_Copy(&osys->display_fmt, vd->source);
osys->display_fmt.i_sar_num = 0;
osys->display_fmt.i_sar_den = 0;
vd->obj.force = forced; /* TODO: pass to activate() instead? */
int ret = activate(vd, cfg, &osys->display_fmt, context);
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