Authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf

FFmpeg Todo

Some todo's I've been asked to check if they are doable.


  • Feature: 16-bit pixel formats support in vf_waveform filter. See
  • Feature: Implementation of OLTW algorithm for audio tracks temporal alignment measurement - with reported temporal delta stats. As in AudioAlign tool.
  • Bug: Full range YCbCr. 3D LUT filter with an Identity LUT loaded. Unexpected stretching with these parameters: -vf "lut3d=file=IDENTITY.cube:interp=tetrahedral,scale=in_range=full:out_range=full:in_color_matrix=bt2020_ncl:out_color_matrix=bt2020_ncl".
  • Bug: Full range YCbCr. 3D LUT filter with an Identity LUT loaded. Unexpected clipping to Narrow range with these parameters: -vf "lut3d=file=IDENTITY.cube:interp=tetrahedral,scale=in_range=full:in_color_matrix=bt2020_ncl:out_color_matrix=bt2020_ncl".


  • Feature: Ability to mux a DD+ bitstream into MXF with the right frame sizing and MXF properties (Unlocked=False). Remuxed MXF has to respect all metadata labels from input.
  • Feature: Ability to mux in STL subtitles into the TS as DVB Teletext.
  • Feature: Ability to insert PCR on packets containing PES header in TS ("PCR on PES" feature that's available in many encoders).
  • Feature: Ability to mux Prores into MXF as per SMPTE RDD 44.


  • Bug?: Ability to convert from v210 into TIFF without having to specify " -sws_dither none -src_range 1 -dst_range 1" in "ffmpeg -loglevel debug -s 3840x2160 -i in.v210 -sws_dither none -src_range 1 -dst_range 1 out.tiff". Even that (I think) resulted in some wrong values, we used GIMP to do the colour picking.


  • Feature: Measure MaxFALL and MaxCLL.
  • Feature: export histogram stats per frame.
  • Feature: perform 2D FFT using CPU (and if available GPU acceleration) and calculate average spectrum power information per scene/frame.
  • Feature. Ability to specify configurable graticule values for Waveform (see BT.2408-0 Tables 1 and 2).
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