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Movie Apps That Are Similar To Yesmovie for Android

It is much easier for you to download a good app to stream movies on your Android phone. Yesmovie is an outstanding name among tons of movie apps with high speed, diverse content and an eye-catching interface. In this article, we will give you movie apps that are like Yesmovie to consider. Now, let’s go to see what they are.


Mobdro is one of the outstanding movie apps offering a lot of compelling features even though it is not widely known Mobdro apk free download -you can find any movie or program . One thing about Mobdro making it popular is that it allows you to stream and download different movies without paying any fees.


This app helps you stream your favorite movies and TV programs through the searching function for free video streams on the web. Therefore, it does not take you too much time to watch a specific program. Moreover, you can download Mobdro to find suggested videos on different topics such as recipes, world news, sports events or even medical tips. That is the reason why it has been favored and supported a lot by users.


Hulu is an Android app that lets you watch movies, TV channels and networks easily on your mobile device anytime. The app offers over 50 Live & on-demand channels, top-notch channels such as FOX, Disney Channel, ABC, Cartoon Network, FX and A&E.

Hulu supports tracking your favorite listings with My Stuff, adding shows, networks and movies for quick access to your device, tracking and returning your favorite team games to My Teams. This application has a visually designed interface with a variety of filters, clearly indexed tabs and Recently Added feature that allows you to update new content quickly and conveniently.


Owning a massive data warehouse with thousands of episodes of the most popular TV shows and movies, Hulu is a trusted destination for many users around the world. With Hulu, you can easily keep track of favorite content in HD quality, update information about TV shows that are about to be shown as well as review old video clips or movies Hulu APK - Download for Free - Hulu vs Youtube TV and more shows. Overall, Hulu is a great app that helps you to watch movies, TV channels and networks easily on your mobile device.


Crackle is a free application for watching movies and TV Show on Android smartphones and tablets. This is one of the most popular movie apps that allow you to experience unlimited videos, movies and TV shows you like.

Crackle is similar to HBO Go or Netflix, which provides the main content of the programs and to see what content, you just need to touch it to navigate to the website containing that movie or TV show.

Currently, Crackle is serving more than 25 million users worldwide and is constantly updating the latest content each month. There are no registration and fees required to use the app.


With Crackle, you can constantly watch the blockbusters, popular TV Show and old series like Seinfeld or Pineapple Express anytime, anywhere. Obviously, it is hard to find a compelling reason to not download Crackle to your device.

In a nutshell, Yesmovie is an excellent app for you to enjoy favorite movies online. However, there are also other apps that can replace as we suggested above. If you want to download which app, visit our store now Yesmovies Watch Free Online HD Yes Movies Alternatives. Have fun!

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