Authored by Shivansh Saini

HOWTO run UI tests

How to run UI tests in VLC Android?


Follow pre-requisites from Wiki.

Environmental Variables
  • JAVA_HOME should point to JDK provided by Android Studio: export JAVA_HOME=/opt/android-studio/jre/
Script changes
  • I didn't like it but I had to apply following patch on I also did some changes in to make it easier for me to test. Some aren't actually needed but I felt it's better to share the complete patch. SOXR was disabled when compiling LibVLC because of some missing package in my environment. Checkout attached script.patch file.


  • Sometimes, medialibrary compilation fails due to it using the old version. Remove the old built folder - rm -r medialibrary/medialibrary
  • Install the debug app and test services - sh test -a <ARCH>. has to be determined from the device. Currently, it works with ARMv7 but the compilation fails on my environment with ARMv8.
  • Run the GUI tests and output them in result_UI_test.txt - adb shell am instrument -w -e package org.videolan.vlc.gui org.videolan.vlc.debug.test/org.videolan.vlc.MultidexTestRunner 1> result_UI_test.txt
  • Check the test results in result_UI_test.txt file


script.patch 2.8 KB
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