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    Stubbed Media and LibVLC classes · d150b67c
    Shivansh Saini authored
    Used Abstract Factory Manager design pattern for LibVLC components
    Tests done: StreamsModel, SubtitlesModel, HistoryModel, FilePickerModel,
           BrowserModel, StorageModel, FileBrowserModel, NetworkModel,
    Used CoroutineContextProvider to replace context on-demand.
    Added extension function for the child of SingletonHolder used in ExternalSubRepository.
    Replaced OpenSubtitleRepository.getInstance to use lazy value, so it can be replaced in tests.
    Added Dependency Provider for BrowserProvider
    Updated StubDataSource to configure data set to provide
    LibVLC: Refactored interfaces
    Signed-off-by: Shivansh Saini's avatarShivansh Saini <shivanshs9@gmail.com>
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