Commit 9a7eeeba authored by Simon Latapie's avatar Simon Latapie Committed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf refactor checkfail

checkfail function cannot work with `set -e` at the beginning of the
script: every command that will return != 0 will stop the script.

This commit replaces checkfail with a || fail "..." function (to keep
error explanations)
parent 5a658d7c
......@@ -10,12 +10,10 @@ diagnostic()
echo "$@" 1>&2;
if [ ! $? -eq 0 ];then
diagnostic "$1"
exit 1
diagnostic "$1"
exit 1
# Try to check whether a patch file has already been applied to the current directory tree
......@@ -248,17 +246,13 @@ if [ ! -d "gradle/wrapper" ]; then
diagnostic "Downloading gradle"
wget ${GRADLE_URL} 2>/dev/null || curl -O ${GRADLE_URL}
checkfail "gradle: download failed"
wget ${GRADLE_URL} 2>/dev/null || curl -O ${GRADLE_URL} || fail "gradle: download failed"
unzip -o gradle-${GRADLE_VERSION}
checkfail "gradle: unzip failed"
unzip -o gradle-${GRADLE_VERSION} || fail "gradle: unzip failed"
./gradle-${GRADLE_VERSION}/bin/gradle wrapper
checkfail "gradle: wrapper failed"
./gradle-${GRADLE_VERSION}/bin/gradle wrapper || fail "gradle: wrapper failed"
./gradlew -version
checkfail "gradle: wrapper failed"
./gradlew -version || fail "gradle: wrapper failed"
chmod a+x gradlew
rm -rf gradle-${GRADLE_VERSION}
......@@ -274,16 +268,13 @@ TESTED_HASH=f3047d4
if [ ! -d "vlc" ]; then
diagnostic "VLC sources: not found, cloning"
git clone "${VLC_REPOSITORY}" vlc
checkfail "VLC sources: git clone failed"
git clone "${VLC_REPOSITORY}" vlc || fail "VLC sources: git clone failed"
cd vlc
diagnostic "VLC sources: resetting to the TESTED_HASH commit (${TESTED_HASH})"
git reset --hard ${TESTED_HASH}
checkfail "VLC sources: TESTED_HASH ${TESTED_HASH} not found"
git reset --hard ${TESTED_HASH} || fail "VLC sources: TESTED_HASH ${TESTED_HASH} not found"
diagnostic "VLC sources: applying custom patches"
# Keep Message-Id inside commits description to track them afterwards
git am --message-id ../libvlc/patches/vlc3/*.patch
checkfail "VLC sources: cannot apply custom patches"
git am --message-id ../libvlc/patches/vlc3/*.patch || fail "VLC sources: cannot apply custom patches"
cd ..
diagnostic "VLC source: found sources, leaving untouched"
......@@ -294,8 +285,8 @@ else
diagnostic "VLC sources: Checking TESTED_HASH and patches presence"
diagnostic "NOTE: checks can be bypass by adding '-b' option to this script."
cd vlc
git cat-file -e ${TESTED_HASH} 2> /dev/null
checkfail "Error: Your vlc checkout does not contain the latest tested commit: ${TESTED_HASH}"
git cat-file -e ${TESTED_HASH} 2> /dev/null || \
fail "Error: Your vlc checkout does not contain the latest tested commit: ${TESTED_HASH}"
for patch_file in ../libvlc/patches/vlc3/*.patch; do
check_patch_is_applied "$patch_file"
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