Commit 29051841 authored by Geoffrey Métais's avatar Geoffrey Métais

Update NEWS

parent 2023c04d
Changes between 2.1.17 and 2.1.18:
* Add alac container support
* Add gray color for sutitles
* Confirm app exit in multiwindows mode
* Improve DPAD navigation in media lists/grids
* Adjust navigation bar color in dark theme
* Fix video player resume when multitasking
* Fix notification not hidden at playback end
* Fix browsers set back to root on rotation or restoration
* Fix wrong sort sometimes applied in audio when refreshing
* Crashes fixes
* Add time infos in audio player
* Fix playlist scrolling in audio player
* Keep video player fullscreen when showing overlay
* Ignore 'emulated' empty storage
Changes between 2.1.16 and 2.1.17:
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