Commit 566a7317 authored by Lyndon Brown's avatar Lyndon Brown
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mp4: fix help output bug

'cat hints' should only be used by the core (to define a set of
headings to break its large set of options up with, instead of the
option tree items).

incorrectly using a cat hint here instead of a section means that this
"hacks" sub-heading gets printed like a module heading, which is both
imperfect from a neatness point of view, but also and more importantly
potentially confusing.
parent c5f04152
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ vlc_module_begin ()
add_category_hint("Hacks", NULL)
set_section("Hacks", NULL)
add_bool( CFG_PREFIX"m4a-audioonly", false, MP4_M4A_TEXT, MP4_M4A_LONGTEXT, true )
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