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    • Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar
      vout: add a resize acknowledgement callback · 919ba1c9
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      For perfect rendering synchronisation, the change of window size must
      be acknowledged after the last picture is rendered in the old size,
      and before the first picture is rendered in the new size.
      As of c9d6d95f, the window resize is
      processed synchronously. This provides for the "after" requirement. But
      it failed to address the "before" requirement: the video output thread
      can end render a picture so soon after the resize so the window
      callback thread has not had time to perform acknowledgement procedures.
      This adds a callback to the window resize event which is called before
      the display lock (or equivalent) is released. This is guaranteed to be
      invoked before the video output thread has the opportunity to render
      Other options were considered:
      1) Invoking a callback to the window provider from the video output
         thread code code.
         -> This can delay the callback unreasonably.
         -> Taking the window lock on the video output thread is undesirable
            if at all possible.
      2) Invoking a windowing system type-specific callback to the window
         provider from every display of that windowing system.
         -> Same delay and locking problems as 1.
         -> Requires patching several display plugins.
      3) Exposing the display lock to the window plugin, via new callbacks.
         -> This leaks internal implementation of the core to window
         -> This gets really confusing as some callbacks would need explicit
            locking and others not.
      In comparison, this patch seems like the least of evils.
      The callback is passed a parameter rather than as a property of the
      window to distinguish it from the existing window callbacks which are
      not reentrant.
      Refs #25112.
    • Benjamin Arnaud's avatar
      medialibrary: Add playlist insert, move and remove · 5a5b2836
      Benjamin Arnaud authored and Pierre Lamot's avatar Pierre Lamot committed
      Signed-off-by: Pierre Lamot's avatarPierre Lamot <pierre@videolabs.io>
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