Commit ac14138a authored by Niklas Haas's avatar Niklas Haas Committed by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen
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vulkan: minor cosmetic cleanups

Tidy up the struct and comments, and also remove redundant forward
parent 36884525
......@@ -26,9 +26,6 @@
#include <vulkan/vulkan.h>
struct vout_window_t;
struct vout_window_cfg_t;
struct vlc_vk_platform_t;
struct vlc_vk_platform_operations
......@@ -40,14 +37,14 @@ struct vlc_vk_platform_operations
// Struct for platform-specific Vulkan state
typedef struct vlc_vk_platform_t
// fields internal to platform.c, should not be touched
// set by platform.c
struct vlc_object_t obj;
struct vout_window_t *window;
module_t *module;
// set by the platform
void *platform_sys;
const char *platform_ext;
struct vout_window_t *window;
const struct vlc_vk_platform_operations *ops;
} vlc_vk_platform_t;
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