Commit a8d947e5 authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞 Committed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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demux: adaptive: add missing TS_0 in Chunkentry

parent 590b7bb1
......@@ -316,7 +316,7 @@ SegmentTracker::prepareChunk(bool switch_allowed, Position pos,
return ChunkEntry();
const Timescale timescale = pos.rep->inheritTimescale();
return ChunkEntry(segmentChunk, pos, timescale.ToTime(segment->startTime.Get()),
return ChunkEntry(segmentChunk, pos, VLC_TICK_0 + timescale.ToTime(segment->startTime.Get()),
timescale.ToTime(segment->duration.Get()), segment->getDisplayTime());
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