Commit 66bada4c authored by Lyndon Brown's avatar Lyndon Brown Committed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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x264: remove obsolete options from chain list

--bime, --b-rdo and --pre-scenecut are obsolete, and obsolete options
should not be in chain lists.
parent a30a0fb7
......@@ -734,14 +734,14 @@ vlc_module_end ()
* Local prototypes
static const char *const ppsz_sout_options[] = {
"8x8dct", "asm", "aud", "bframes", "bime", "bpyramid",
"b-adapt", "b-bias", "b-rdo", "cabac", "chroma-me", "chroma-qp-offset",
"8x8dct", "asm", "aud", "bframes", "bpyramid",
"b-adapt", "b-bias", "cabac", "chroma-me", "chroma-qp-offset",
"cplxblur", "crf", "dct-decimate", "deadzone-inter", "deadzone-intra",
"deblock", "direct", "direct-8x8", "fast-pskip",
"interlaced", "ipratio", "keyint", "level",
"me", "merange", "min-keyint", "mixed-refs", "mvrange", "mvrange-thread",
"nf", "non-deterministic", "nr", "partitions", "pass", "pbratio",
"pre-scenecut", "psnr", "qblur", "qp", "qcomp", "qpstep", "qpmax",
"psnr", "qblur", "qp", "qcomp", "qpstep", "qpmax",
"qpmin", "quiet", "ratetol", "ref", "scenecut",
"sps-id", "ssim", "stats", "subme", "trellis",
"verbose", "vbv-bufsize", "vbv-init", "vbv-maxrate", "weightb", "weightp",
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