Commit 665030c7 authored by Steve Lhomme's avatar Steve Lhomme
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vout:win32: no need to init the video HWND at the proper position

We probably don't know it when it's created and it will be set properly when
the first video placement is done, when we actually show the video HWND.
parent 10505a81
......@@ -515,9 +515,9 @@ static int CreateVideoWindow( event_thread_t *p_event )
p_event->hvideownd =
CreateWindow( p_event->class_video, TEXT(""), /* window class */
WS_CHILD|WS_DISABLED, /* window style, not visible initially */
p_event->place.x, p_event->place.y,
p_event->place.width, /* default width */
p_event->place.height, /* default height */
0, 0,
CW_USEDEFAULT, /* default width */
CW_USEDEFAULT, /* default height */
p_event->hwnd, /* parent window */
NULL, hInstance,
(LPVOID)p_event ); /* send vd to WM_CREATE */
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