Commit 51cdf229 authored by Niklas Haas's avatar Niklas Haas Committed by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen
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libplacebo: correctly handle overlays on flipped framebuffers

This affects OpenGL.
parent 9ae6b001
......@@ -301,6 +301,11 @@ static void PictureRender(vout_display_t *vd, picture_t *pic,
.repr = vlc_placebo_ColorRepr(&r->fmt),
if (frame.flipped) {
overlay->rect.y0 = frame.fbo->params.h - overlay->rect.y0;
overlay->rect.y1 = frame.fbo->params.h - overlay->rect.y1;
if (!pl_upload_plane(gpu, &overlay->plane, &sys->overlay_tex[i], &subdata)) {
msg_Err(vd, "Failed uploading subpicture region!");
num_regions = i; // stop here
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