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    spu(audiobargraph,logo): fix redundant align attribute · fb15e597
    Lyndon Brown authored and Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf committed
    i believe that this is an entirely non-functional change upon the
    belief that this property is not used in absolute mode (and thus is
    actually rather pointlessly being set). i'm just changing it out of
    pedantic correctness.
    the top-right setting did not match the positioning done by absolute
    mode (see `SpuRegionPlace()` in vout_subpictures.c), and was
    inconsistent with what was set in marq and rss plugins.
    this originates for logo with 5a33cfd2
    whereby the author decided for no apparent reason to change the
    property to reflect the previous position default of 6 (top-right).
    this seems to have then been inherited through copy & paste i guess
    into the creation of audiobargraph_v in 0e3ec227.