Commit 6901a8f4 authored by Romain Vimont's avatar Romain Vimont
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opengl: remove orientation hack

Now that the Android interop does not change the format orientation
anymore, the orientation is never changed by interops, so the hack can
be safely removed.
parent 62b19673
......@@ -178,11 +178,7 @@ vout_display_opengl_t *vout_display_opengl_New(video_format_t *fmt,
&& vout_display_opengl_SetViewpoint(vgl, viewpoint) != VLC_SUCCESS)
goto delete_sub_renderer;
video_orientation_t orientation = fmt->orientation;
*fmt = vgl->interop->fmt;
/* The orientation is handled by the orientation matrix: from the core
* point of view, it does not change. */
fmt->orientation = orientation;
if (subpicture_chromas) {
*subpicture_chromas = gl_subpicture_chromas;
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