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      * Bug fixes and enhancements in the Gtk+/Gnome interfaces.
       o the slider should behave correctly and stop jumping here and
         there (this bug is _not_ related to Stef's similar bug)
       o added an "open network" menu (useless since the input doesn't
         handle it properly yet)
       o tried to reorganize gnome_callbacks.c and gtk_callbacks.c
       o stream date is now displayed instead of percentage
       o renamed gnome_sys.h to intf_gnome.h, and gtk_sys.h to intf_gtk.h
      * Changed documentation and package creation files.
       o added versioned conflicts/replaces to vlc-gtk (Closes Debian bug #88796)
       o removed useless or outdated documentation from doc/*
       o moved vlc.1 manpage from debian/vlc.1 to doc/vlc.1
      * Added basic Qt interface.
       o working features: slide bar, open file, toolbar, popup menu
       o added "qvlc" alias, equivalent to "vlc -I qt"
       o known issues : no "open disc" or "open network" menus yet
                        the IntfWindow class is never cleaned on destruction
                        the popup menu always pop at the middle of the screen
      * Misc fixes/updates.
       o renamed netutils.h functions from input_* to network_*
       o renamed *plst* files and functions to *playlist* (it was stupid
         from me to name them "plst")
       o made a few input error messages more meaningful
       o added -I, -A and -V short flags, corresponding to --intf, --audio
         and --video
        I got a lot of conflicts on this commit, lart me if I forgot a
      file or made old bugs reappear.
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