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      OS X fixes:
      * Applied Eugenio's fix to the DVDioctl driver. I didn't test it, but
        it should not hang the kernel anymore.
      * Ported most dvd_ioctl.c functions to the DVDioctl driver: ReportAgid,
        ReportChallenge, ReportKey1, ReportASF, InvalidateAgid, SendChallenge,
        SendKey2. They should comply with the "Mt. Fuji Commands for Multimedia
        Devices" paper.
        Last remaining problem: ReadCopyright and ReadKey. The version of
     Darwin I have here only has reportKey() and sendKey() functions in
     the IODVDBlockStorageDevice class (pages 413 and 449 of the Mt. Fuji
     paper), but we also need the READ_STRUCTURE (page 357) which I couldn't
     find anywhere in the kernel headers. Either I missed it, or we'll have
     to wait for Apple to implement it (or maybe we can emulate this command
     with some other IOKit commands).
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