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    *Removed an occurance of former angle item in gtk.
    *Fixed a bug in ES management introduced lately in DVD/DvdRead.
    *Beginning of reorganisation in DVD plugin source files, in order to try to
    make it easier to understand. There is some work left though :p.
    *Decreased the score for VCD plugin, as the VCD demuxer was used even
    for DVD :p. It should make autodetection work.
    Some comment:
    -I think that VCDInit should make a test on the access plugin and be launched
    only if the access plugin is VCD,
    -VCDOpen shouldn't set p_input->b_error: if it fails we just try another
    -PSRead doesn't need to be duplicated anymore: input_ReadPS is now available
    for plugins (cf Christophe's commit).
    Please comment around that: I'd like to know if the behaviour I've described
    is the one everyone expects.
    Enjoy my new bugs :p
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