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    • Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar
      messages: resolve module name at link-time · e46fd2bf
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      Within all the introduced static libraries, the module cannot be known
      at compilation time. This moves the module name from a compilation
      constant to a link time constant string symbol. That way, the same
      compiled object within a static library can use a different and correct
      module name depending on which plugin it is linked into.
      The symbol is hidden so it does not leak between shared objects. For
      non-plugins shared libraries (vlccore, vlc, vlc_pulse and
      vlc_xcb_events) the module name must be defined manually, unless the
      library does not use msg_* macros at all (vlc_vdpau).
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    • Niklas Haas's avatar
      video_output: opengl: add basic support for libplacebo · 77d8be7e
      Niklas Haas authored
      This adds support for conversion between color spaces, in particular HDR
      tone mapping and wide gamut -> standard gamut conversion.
      Things that this commit does not (yet) address:
      - It does not use libplacebo's scaling features. This is blocked by the
        fact that libplacebo does not currently support OpenGL (only Vulkan).
      - It does not add support for BT.2020 YCbCr. This would be easy to
        implement in much the same way as the tone mapping support, by using
        pl_shader_decode_color, replacing the hard-coded matrices. This would
        also allow adding support for hue, saturation etc. controls.
      - It does not hook up the pl_color_map_params options to the VLC GUI.
        This would have to be done to let users influence the subjective
        configuration options, as well as specify their display device's
      All of the new code is optional, due to the lack of rigorous testing of
      libplacebo (especially on other platforms) and the short timeframe
      between this commit and the VLC 3.0 release. This may be changed later
      on (possibly for VLC 4.0).
      Signed-off-by: Thomas Guillem's avatarThomas Guillem <thomas@gllm.fr>
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    • Thomas Guillem's avatar
      gl: fix incorrect plugin dependencies · fc4114f4
      Thomas Guillem authored
      The GL/GLES2 plugins doesn't depends anymore on X11, WAYLAND, VAAPI or other
      hardware libs.
      Move all converters (that were built in GL plugins) in separate plugins, with a
      "glconv" plugin capability. This new type of module will be loaded by GL
      plugins when a video format is opaque. Otherwise, the built-in software
      converter (that handle RGB,YUV,YXZ12) will be used.
      Each new converters plugins depends only on hardware libs like VAAPI-X11,
      VAAPI-WL. These news plugins don't depend on Open GL / GLES2. Therefore, one
      glconv plugin can be used by a GL and a GLES2 plugin.
      Fixes #18575
    • Thomas Guillem's avatar
      gl: move internal.h to converter.h · 144206d2
      Thomas Guillem authored
      Refs #18575
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    • Thomas Guillem's avatar
      hw: vaapi: remove vaapi global instance · 2d37a81d
      Thomas Guillem authored
      We still need a *not global* vaapi instance: struct vlc_vaapi_instance. This
      struct holds a VADisplay and a refcount. Every pictures of the vout pool hold
      a reference to this struct in order to avoid that the VADisplay is terminated
      while being used by pictures.
      Filters now get the vaapi instance via filter_NewPicture(). Static filters like
      the deinterlace one may not have access to a picture allocated by the vout.
      This is fixed by next patches.
      Refs #18445
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