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    • Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar
      LGPL · 36ab287e
      Jean-Baptiste Kempf authored
      Re-license almost all of libVLC and libVLCcore to LGPLv2.1+
      This move was authorized by the developers, either:
       - by e-mail,
       - by vote at the VideoLAN Dev Days 2011,
       - on the license website,
       - in a contract, oral or written.
      No objection was raised, so far.
      The developers agreeing are:
        Justus Piater
        Alexis Ballier
        Alexander Bethke
        Mohammed Adnène Trojette
        Alex Converse
        Alexey Sokolov
        Alexis de Lattre
        Andre Pang
        Anthony Loiseau
        Cyril Deguet
        André Weber
        Boris Dorès
        Brieuc Jeunhomme
        Benjamin Drung
        Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen
        Benoit Steiner
        Benjamin Pracht
        Bernie Purcell
        Przemyslaw Fiala
        Arnaud de Bossoreille de Ribou
        Brad Smith
        Nick Briggs
        Christopher Rath
        Christophe Courtaut
        Christopher Mueller
        Clement Chesnin
        Andres Krapf
        Damien Fouilleul
        David Flynn
        Sebastien Zwickert
        Antoine Cellerier
        Jérôme Decoodt
        Jérome Decoodt
        Dylan Yudaken
        Eduard Babayan
        Eugenio Jarosiewicz
        Elliot Murphy
        Eric Petit
        Erwan Tulou
        Etienne Membrives
        Ludovic Fauvet
        Fabio Ritrovato
        Tobias Güntner
        Jakub Wieczorek
        Frédéric Crozat
        Francois Cartegnie
        Laurent Aimar
        Florian G. Pflug
        Felix Paul Kühne
        Frank Enderle
        Rafaël Carré
        Simon Latapie
        Gildas Bazin
        Geoffroy Couprie
        Julien / Gellule
        Gildas Bazin
        Arnaud Schauly
        Toralf Niebuhr
        Vicente Jimenez Aguilar
        Derk-Jan Hartman
        Henri Fallon
        Ilkka Ollakka
        Olivier Teulière
        Rémi Duraffort
        Jakob Leben
        Jean-Baptiste Kempf
        Jean-Paul Saman
        Jean-Philippe Grimaldi
        Jean-François Massol
        Gaël Hendryckx
        Jakob Leben
        Jean-Marc Dressler
        Jai Menon
        Johan Bilien
        Johann Ransay
        Joris van Rooij
        JP Dinger
        Jean-Philippe André
        Adrien Grand
        Juha Jeronen
        Juho Vähä-Herttua
        Kaarlo Raiha
        Kaarlo Raiha
        Kamil Baldyga
        Keary Griffin
        Ken Self
        KO Myung-Hun
        Pierre Ynard
        Filippo Carone
        Loïc Minier
        Luca Barbato
        Lucas C. Villa Real
        Lukas Durfina
        Adrien Maglo
        Marc Ariberti
        Mark Lee
        Mark Moriarty
        Martin Storsjö
        Christophe Massiot
        Michel Kaempf
        Marian Ďurkovič
        Mirsal Ennaime
        Carlo Calabrò
        Damien Lucas
        Naohiro Koriyama
        Basos G
        Pierre Baillet
        Vincent Penquerc'h
        Olivier Aubert
        Pankaj Yadav
        Paul Corke
        Pierre d'Herbemont
        Philippe Morin
        Antoine Lejeune
        Michael Ploujnikov
        Jean-Marc Dressler
        Michael Hanselmann
        Rafaël Carré
        Ramiro Polla
        Rémi Denis-Courmont
        Renaud Dartus
        Richard Shepherd
        Faustino Osuna
        Arnaud Vallat
        Rob Jonson
        Robert Jedrzejczyk
        Steve Lhomme
        Rocky Bernstein
        Romain Goyet
        Rov Juvano
        Sam Hocevar
        Martin T. H. Sandsmark
        Sebastian Birk
        Sébastien Escudier
        Vincent Seguin
        Fabio Ritrovato
        Sigmund Augdal Helberg
        Casian Andrei
        Srikanth Raju
        Hannes Domani
        Stéphane Borel
        Stephan Krempel
        Stephan Assmus
        Tony Castley
        Pavlov Konstantin
        Eric Petit
        Tanguy Krotoff
        Dennis van Amerongen
        Michel Lespinasse
        Can Wu
        Xavier Marchesini
        Sébastien Toque
        Christophe Mutricy
        Yoann Peronneau
        Yohann Martineau
        Yuval Tze
        Scott Caudle
        Clément Stenac
      It is possible, that some minor piece of code was badly tracked, for
      some reasons (SVN, mainly) or that some small developers did not answer.
      However, as an "œuvre collective", defined as in "CPI 113-2 alinéa 3",
      and seeing "Cour. Cass. 17 Mai 1978", and seeing that the editor and
      the very vast majority of developers have agreed (> 99.99% of the code,
      > 99% of developers), we are fine here.
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    • Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar
      Load the command line into the LibVLC object variables (fixes #1941)... · 31b9f7d4
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      ...instead of the configuration. As a side effect, the command line
      parameter should not be visible in the preferences, and more importantly
      not be saved as part of the persistent configuration (fixes #1428)
      (and really fixes older #1106).
      We might be able to remove a few "dummy" change_unsaveable(). Some of
      them really were just work-arounds for this bug. In principle, we could
      possibly remove all of them as long as we keep add_internal().
      Note that this commit will render any command line option inoperant if
      it is read with config_Get*() instead of var_Inherit*() or var_*Get*().
      I already fixed the most commonly used occurences, but there are some
      left, especially inside plugins.
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    • Derk-Jan Hartman's avatar
      commandline parsing: Fix the macfreetv crash · 687c8659
      Derk-Jan Hartman authored
      Basically, somewhat of a "duh" now that we have optional_arguments on OSX.
      It is highly annoying however that getopt_long behaviour differs so much
      between gnu and BSD implementations, and then is even BUGGY on darwin.
      '--option=value' is uniformly supported  and '--option value' is a GNU getopt thing.
      imperfect world etc...
    • Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar
      New type-safe API for modules listing · 460a78ba
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      module_list_get(): gets the list of modules
      module_list_free(): releases the list
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