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      LGPL · fef27058
      Jean-Baptiste Kempf authored
      Re-license almost all the playback modules to LGPLv2.1+ with
      authorization from their respective contributors (230+)
      This includes:
       - access, codec, packetizers, demux
       - audio filters, audio mixers, audio output
       - video filters, video chroma, video output
       - text renderers
       - XML parser
       - ARM NEON and SSE2 optimisations (mostly for chromas and filters)
      Some modules are not concerned:
       - BDA and DShow access modules because Manol Manolov is AWOL
       - Real RTSP, because it is derived from Xine
       - x264 and t140 because they are encoders only
       - DLL Loader, because it is derived from MPlayer
       - DTS packetizer, because Jon Lech Johansen is AWOL
       - Shine and WMAfixed, because they are derived from Rockbox
       - Real demuxer, as it is derived from MPlayer and Wang Bo is AWOL
       - MPC demuxer, as Yavor Doganov is AWOL
       - Tivo demuxer, because it is derived from an MPlayer fork
       - Playlist demuxer, (WPL and ZPL parts missing), because suheaven is AWOL
       - iOS audio output and video display, because author refuses the license change
       - Equalizer and compressor, because Ronald Wright is AWOL
       - Mono, Headphone and Dolby, because author refuses the license change
       - hqdn3d and yadif, because they are from MPlayer/libavfilter
       - remoteosd, because it derives from RealVNC code
       - MMX optimisations, because Ollie Lho, from SiS, is AWOL
       - Rotate, because it depends on GPL motion
      Nota Bene:
       - Some modules depend on GPL-only libraries, a LGPL module does not mean
         that the resulting binary module will be LGPL.
         Libraries affected would include liba52, libdvdcss, libdvdnav, libdvdread,
         faad2, libdca, libmad, libmpeg2, libpostproc, SRC, sid, zvbi and probably others.
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    • Laurent Aimar's avatar
      Revert "Improved rtjpeg and seek NUV demuxer support." · bebc7751
      Laurent Aimar authored
      Sorry I didn't meant to commit that...
      This reverts commit c42248cf.
    • Gertjan Van Droogenbroeck's avatar
      Improved rtjpeg and seek NUV demuxer support. · c42248cf
      Gertjan Van Droogenbroeck authored
      The changes to the nuv demuxer are:
       - aspect ratio is now used
       - only key frames are used for seeking / index table
       - if there is a seektable it is now used (in a seekable stream)
       - GET_LENGTH is set correctly when a seektable is available, if there
      isn't a seektable it will make a guess based on the position in the
      stream and the stream size
       - seek support improved, it checks if the stream is seekable and it
      also checks if the stream is not changing in size (recording)
       - support for rtjpeg decoder
      The demuxer was tested on Windows and Linux with a samba share with
      recordings from a mythbackend. I have also tested this with MythWeb
      with HTTP Direct Download and ASX Stream. If it is detected that the
      stream is not seekable (for example the HTTP stream) it will fall back
      to the way it worked before and keep fetching new frames until the
      position is reached. If you seek to a position before the current
      position it will now give a warning.
      If a recording is in progress the stream size will change. This will
      be detected and then only forward seeking is possible, because
      changing the stream pointer on the recorded file failed (at least it
      did using the network share).
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    • Laurent Aimar's avatar
      Added const wheen needed for stream_Peek (demuxer/access) · 3f07af6a
      Laurent Aimar authored
      Made demux2_IsPathExtension case insensitive.
      Used demux2_IsPathExtension/p_demux->b_force when appropriate
      Fixed a regression in flac demuxer (segfault when reading meta data)
      Added a VLC_UNUSED(x) macro to avoid seeing ugly (void)x around the code.
      Improved a bit a few vlc_common.h macro (do {} while(0))
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    • Clément Stenac's avatar
      A bit of headers cleanup · d3fe7f28
      Clément Stenac authored
      * Headers in include must contain the structures and prototypes needed
        by the plugins and should be named vlc_*.
      * Headers in include/vlc must contain the structures and prototypes
        needed by external libvlc clients
      * Moved and renamed some things in headers. 
         - Removed vlc_cpu.h, vlc_error.h (merged in vlc_common)
         - Removed snapshot.h (merged in vlc_vout.h)
         - Removed vlc_spu.h (merged in vlc_osd.h)
         - Removed intf_eject.h and vlc_interaction.h (merged in vlc_interface)
         - Moved all internal headers to src
         - Merged vlc_video.h and video_output.h and move private things to src
         - Removed vlc/intf.h, vlc/aout.h, vlc/vout.h, vlc/decoder.h and vlc/input.h
           (meta headers for use in modules, and often implying too large 
      * Removed some useless dependencies
      * Unexported a bunch of functions and structures used only in src/
        (--> Still some work here)
      * Finally made input_thread_t and input_source_t (mostly) private. 
        Added input_GetItem to fetch the input_item of an input_thread
      * Cleaned up deprecated entries in vlc_symbols.h and bumped up symbol 
      This commit has a 99% probability of breaking the build, 0.1% of killing
      your cat and 0% of getting you hot chicks.
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