1. 14 Oct, 2009 7 commits
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      HAL services discovery plugin is still here. · dee85cfe
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      We still need the configure checks.
      Only the HAL device probe plugin is gone.
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      Remove HAL plugin · 2f6053d6
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      It was ever dead code within VLC. On top of that, HAL is now officially
      deprecated in favor of libudev (and higher level D-Bus middlewares).
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      Cosmetic · 1905cebd
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
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      RTP: disable preemption during queueing · a0665c0c
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      This should fix a rare crash:
      LibVLC fatal error destroying mutex (16) in thread 17390 at ../../src/misc/pthread.c:188 in vlc_mutex_destroy
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      Remove useless check and assignment · 12265bc7
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
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