Commit c8ae7fef authored by VideoLAN's avatar VideoLAN Committed by Marvin Scholz

l10n: Update NSIS EnglishUK translation

Signed-off-by: Marvin Scholz's avatarMarvin Scholz <>
parent b0310261
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ ${LangFileString} Desc_Section03 "The VLC Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox plugin"
${LangFileString} Desc_Section04 "The VLC ActiveX plugin"
${LangFileString} Desc_Section05 "DVD and CD playback registration"
${LangFileString} Desc_Section06 "Sets VLC media player as the default application for the specified file type"
${LangFileString} Desc_Section07 "Add context menu items ('Play With VLC' and 'Add To VLC's Playlist')"
${LangFileString} Desc_Section07 "Add context menu items (\'Play With VLC\' and \'Add To VLC\'s Playlist\')"
${LangFileString} Desc_Section08 "Deletes VLC media player preferences and cache files leftover from previous installations"
${LangFileString} Name_Section91 "Uninstall"
${LangFileString} Name_Section92 "Delete preferences and cache"
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ ${LangFileString} Desc_Section91 "Uninstall VLC media player and all its compone
${LangFileString} Desc_Section92 "Deletes VLC media player preferences and cache files"
${LangFileString} ShellAssociation_Play "Play"
${LangFileString} ContextMenuEntry_PlayWith "Play with VLC media player"
${LangFileString} ContextMenuEntry_AddToPlaylist "Add to VLC media player's Playlist"
${LangFileString} ContextMenuEntry_AddToPlaylist "Add to VLC media player\'s Playlist"
${LangFileString} Link_VisitWebsite "Visit the VideoLAN VLC media player Website"
${LangFileString} Name_InstTypeRecommended "Recommended"
${LangFileString} Name_InstTypeMinimum "Minimum"
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